10 Amazing Credit Card Benefits You Should Take Advantage Of

Credit cards already come with great things like low-interest rates and cash back rewards. In addition to that, there are other awesome credit card benefits you should know and take advantage of. Above of all, these perks could help you save some extra money every year.

credit card benefits

1- Price Protection

Isn’t it upsetting when you buy a product, and then you find out that they are selling it for less just a week later? With price protection, you may receive a refund if you bought the product with your credit card. Don’t forget, however, that there is usually a time limit for you to use this perk.

2- Purchase Protection

Purchase protection essentially means that you get coverage if something that you have purchased with your credit card was accidentally damaged, lost or robbed. You might need your receipt and credit card statement, or a police report if your product was stolen.

3- Extended Warranty

Some card networks provide an additional extended warranty for up to a year to the manufacturer’s warranty if you purchased the item with your credit card. All you have to do is show your receipt and file a claim, and then you could get a replacement, repair or refund.

4 – Return Protection

The store doesn’t want to accept your return, now what do you do? If this happens, your credit card company may refund your item if you purchased the product within a specific timeframe (sometimes up to 90 days).

5 – Free Hotel Nights

If you like to get travel rewards, this is one of the best credit card benefits. Some hotel credit cards offer a free night or free nights every year to customers or as a sign-up bonus offer.

6 – Free Airport Lounge Access

Long airport layovers can be tiring and boring. With this feature, you can take advantage of the airport lounge and enjoy all the amenities it offers. Some may even let you take free guests with you.

7 – Cancellation Insurance

If something unexpected happens and the trip gets canceled, trip cancellation insurance will get you covered. Don’t forget that you need to buy it with a credit card that offers this perk.

8 – Travel Accident Insurance

If you suffer an accident during your time away, your credit card may provide support to you and your beneficiaries if you used your card to pay for your travel.

9 – Lost Luggage Protection

Don’t get desperate if your luggage gets lost. As long as you bought your ticket with your credit card that offers this benefit, you’ll get lost luggage protection. Some cards will cover up to 3,000 dollars.

10 – No foreign transaction fees

Don’t you hate it when you have to pay an extra fee for international purchases? Thankfully, there are some cards with zero foreign transaction fees so that you can save some money when you’re traveling.

Read your agreement to find out additional credit card benefits

It is always important to read your credit card agreement because you might be missing out on other great perks like early access to concert tickets, car rental insurance, priority boarding and so on.


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