8 Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Contrary to popular beliefs, many high paying jobs do not require a college degree. Over thirty-six percent of job openings do not require a bachelor’s degree because they prefer skills over qualifications. Several fields treat knowledge and experience as the best qualification for the job. Here are the highest paying jobs without a degree in 2020:

1. Property BrokersĀ 

Property brokers are primarily known for their people skills and working style. If you are particularly apt to convince people and sell innovative products, this job is suitable for you. Property brokers have fixed, stress-free work hours, which regularly involves handling real estate transactions, including rental and loan arrangements.

Property brokers have an annual average salary of $58K. If you’re interested in this career, you should possess a detailed, structured approach towards various processes in the real estate world.

2. Purchasing agents

Purchasing agents are responsible for placing orders for raw materials and other supplies required for running a business. These jobs have long term training programs and recruit people based on their potential to procure quality goods from the seller. Such agents should have extensive knowledge of the fair pricing of the tools and materials in use.

A purchasing agent typically earns an average of $58K a year. A person with an abundance of negotiation and financial skills can be very successful in this field.

3. Postmaster/Mail Superintendents

Being a postmaster carries a huge responsibility, as he/she manages an entire post office and handles multiple day-to-day operations. A mail superintendent should be apt in preparing and organizing the work schedules of the post office workers. People with managerial and leadership skills are fitting for this job.

As challenging as this job can be, it pays very well. Mail superintendents earn approximately $60K annually.

4. Transportation Inspectors

Transportation inspectors are on-field workers who conduct safety checks on vehicles and already delivered goods to ensure that they meet all safety protocols. This job has different fields of working, such as freight inspectors, rail inspectors, and such. These inspectors also direct and manage safety scans and report areas for improvements.

Transportation inspectors must have an honest, non-corrupt work ethic. They earn a median salary of $63K a year.

5. Criminal Investigator/ Detective

Criminal investigators have one of the most gritting jobs on this list, as they regularly deal with grotesque crime scenes depicting blood and corpses. These jobs require exceptional judgment skills for identifying suspects and cross-examining witnesses. People with impressive leadership skills and present mindedness thrive at this job.

Criminal investigators typically gross $74K a year. Due to this job’s nature, applicants should expect moderate training before they begin earning a steady income.

6. Air Traffic Controllers

Air traffic controllers are in charge of one of the most high-profile jobs globally, as they have to be always under stress and direct an entire aircraft’s flight. This job involves rigorously gritting training sessions. People who can keep a clear head under pressure and stay focused for long periods should consider this job.

Air traffic controllers earn a whopping $122K annually. Interested applicants need to clear the FAA Training Program to begin air trafficking in real-time.

7. Stock Brokers

Stockbrokers are responsible for advising and purchasing shares for their clients based on their knowledge of how the stock market works. People applying for this job require exceptional judgment skills and technical knowledge of the share market. Stockbrokers charge a commission for advising and buying shares for their clients.

Stockbrokers’ salary ranges from 45K to 63K annually. Stockbrokers can earn as a freelancer or take up private jobs in various firms.

8. First-Line Supervisors for Police Forces

First-line supervisors have to ensure that all activities in their precinct carry on lawfully. They also direct administrative work and lead on-field taskforces. Such supervisors assign tasks to their team of officers and obtain quality output from their team.

First-line supervisors usually earn $89K a year. They go through plenty of on-the-job training to start working.


Many companies do not discriminate against people based on their degrees. They have realized that a worker’s real-life experience is significant in today’s world. Such industries have successfully recruited several individuals based on their skillset. Hence, one should not think less of himself for not having a graduate degree, as there are various options to turn over a new leaf.


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