LYSCF: Lynas – Is it a Good Buy?

Are you an investor looking to diversify your portfolio with promising stock? It might be a good idea to start investing in rare earth mining companies. Due to its several uses, there has been an increase in demand for these elements. There are various ways to start investing in rare earths, and one of them is by buying Lynas Rare Earth Limited stock. But is LYSCF a good buy? Continue reading to find out more about this company:

What’s Lynas Rare Earths Limited?

Lynas Rare Earth minerals is a company located in Mt Weld, Western Australia, and The Gebeng Industrial Park near Kuantan, Malaysia. It was founded by Nicholas Anthony Curtis in 1983.

They specialize in the exploration, mining, development, and processing of rare earth minerals. The elements are initially mined and processed at their Mt Weld Concentration Plant and then transferred to their plant in Gebang, Malaysia, to be separated and processed.

China currently holds the number one position in the exploration of rare earths, and Australia, where Lynas is located, is the world’s second-largest. 

Lynas current Board of Directors includes Kathleen Conlon (Chair), Amanda Lacaze (Managing Director), Dr. Vanessa Guthrie (Non-Executive Director), Grant Murdoch (Non-Executive Director), Philippe Etienne (Non-Executive Director), Professor John Humphrey (Non-Executive Director).

On their Senior Management Team are Gaudenz Struzenegger (Chief Financial Officer), Pol Le Roux (Vice President Downstream), Kam Leung (Vice President Upstream), Andrew Arnold (General Counsel & Company Secretary), Dato’ Mashal Ahmad (Vice President Malaysia), Mimi Afzan Afza (Vice President People & Culture) and Daniel Havas (Vice President Strategy & Investor Relations).

The values they use to determine their decision-making process are based on care, achievement, expertise, diversity, and sustainability. 

LYSCF’s shares are currently listed at 4.80 USD as of 04/14/2021, and they currently do not pay dividends to stockholders. The company had revenue of $327.5 million over a 12-month period.

What Are Rare Earths?

Rare earths, rare earth metals, or rare earth oxides are seventeen chemically similar elements that appear together in the periodic table. They present excellent properties such as being heat-resistant, conductivity, and magnetism. 

Here are the names of these substances: Scandium (Sc), Erbium (Er), Europium (Eu), Yttrium (Y), Lanthanum (La), Cerium (Ce), Praseodymium (Pr), Neodymium (Nd), Prometheium (Pm), Ytterbium (Yb), Samarium (Sm), Gadolinium (Gd), Terbium (Tb), Dysprosium (Dy), Holmium (Ho), Thulium (Tm), and Lutetium (Lu).

They have many uses in high-tech devices like smartphones, telescope lenses, batteries, loudspeakers, wind turbines, GPS devices, MRI machines, jet engines, satellites, electric and hybrid motor vehicles, and many others.

How do I buy Lynas Rare Earths’ shares?

If you are looking to buy Lynas Rare Earths’ shares, you will need to sign-up with a stockbroker online or offline. This process doesn’t take a lot of time, and it usually takes less than 15 minutes. However, since this company is based in Australia, you will need to find a broker with access to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). As soon as your application process is completed, and the account is approved, you will need to transfer funds or initiate a deposit. After that, you will be able to start investing and buying shares easily.


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