Resume Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

A resume is a key to landing an interview and, subsequently, a job for many of us. It’s our way of telling potential employers what we bring to the table and how we can solve their problems. And while there are plenty of tips out there on how to get noticed by recruiters, not all of them hold up in today’s competitive job market.

In this post, you will find ten resume tips guaranteed to get you noticed by employers and accelerate your application process!

Delete your old jobs

What does it say about you if you’ve stayed at the same company for three years and still have a long list of positions on your resume? Employers want to see range and movement. If you’ve stayed at a job for too long, highlight the things you did before you were there and after you left. If it’s a short-term position, leave it off altogether.

Delete your references

Many job seekers think that getting references on their resumes will make them stand out. While it may seem like a good idea, references do not belong on a resume. Don’t include “REFERENCES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST” at the end of your resume, and instead, use the option to leave a contact name and number with your contact information in an attachment as part of your cover letter.

Use action verbs

Don’t trick employers and use words like “attended” or “managed” on your resume. Instead, use action verbs. You may not be able to list all the specific accomplishments you’ve had during your career. Still, you can show how you handled a variety of different tasks in different situations. And if you can’t list a specific task, specify the role that you performed on it.

Create a new, short resume for every job you apply to

If you’re applying to multiple jobs or internship openings, spend the time to create a new, shorter resume for each position. You should tailor your resume strongly to each specific job opportunity since they are all different.

Don’t forget your cover letter

The cover letter is just as important as the resume and often gets overlooked. More than half of employers say they look at cover letters because it’s their first impression of you. Be sure to include strong action verbs and accomplishments that may not have made it onto your resume but can help sell yourself to the employer.

Use a simple font

Don’t try to fancy things up by using elaborate fonts on your resume. Employers can tell when you’re trying to play it too cute, and it will only end up hurting you in the long run, especially if you go from one job to another in the same industry. Stick with a basic font like Times New Roman or Calibri that is easy for them to read.

Put your contact information at the top of your resume

No matter what position you’re applying for, put your contact information at the top of your resume so employers and recruiters easily see how they can reach you once they’ve reviewed your resume. And, of course, be sure to advertise your email address, so employers can reach out if they want to schedule an interview.

Use action verbs when addressing your resume

Don’t just say “I’m expertise in XYZ” on your resume. Deliver the message with action-packed words like “lead” or “developed.” You’ll be able to show that you can manage and lead people toward success if you can demonstrate that you take the initiative and guide people towards goals. 

Keep it to one page, if possible

Always keep it to one page if you can. Employers want to know exactly who you are, what your experience is, and why they should meet you for an interview. It’s very important that your resume gets their attention in as few pages as possible, so be sure not to fill up space with unnecessary details or because you’re trying to pad the amount of work experience listed on there.

Use bullets, not paragraphs

Use bullets instead of paragraphs on your resume whenever possible; they make your resume easier to read and ensure that employers spend time reading all of the accomplishments, skills, and responsibilities that you listed under each bullet point. Your resume will be more professional-looking, and it will show off your achievements and abilities to employers more easily.

In summary, remember to stick with these ten resume tips, and your chances of getting noticed and moving quickly through the hiring process will significantly improve.




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