5 Things You Should Never do With a Credit Card

Credit cards can be great financial tools when they are used correctly. They offer a variety of different perks, from providing you with free bonuses and rewards when making purchases to helping you increase your credit score. However, there are things you should never do with a credit card. Mismanaging your finances with credit cards […]

Upgrade Card Review – Is it legit?

Upgrade offers a very innovative view when it comes to credit cards and personal loans while offering customer-friendly service and fewer fees and interest. Keep reading to read our full Upgrade review. What bank is Upgrade? Upgrade doesn’t define themselves as a bank, but an online lending platform. However, it has partnerships with Cross River […]

Airline Miles or Cash Back: Credit Card Rewards

We all have heard stories of the friend of a friend who planned an amazing trip or got a brand new mixer for free from their credit card rewards. These rewards are free money—as long as you don’t have to pay any annual fees or interest—which is great by anyone’s standard. You’re probably wondering, though, which type […]

6 Easy Tips to Boost Your Odds of Approval

If you’re looking to add a credit card to your wallet to either make your life more convenient or build up your credit score, you’ll first need to know how to apply for a credit card and how to boost your odds of approval. Do some research, read the fine print, and verify your credit […]

Why You Should Get Secured Cards To Build Your Credit

A great tool for building credit is a secured credit card. Whether you have no credit or you are simply looking to rebuild your damaged credit after some tough financial times, signing up to get a secured card is a smart way to help your credit get back on track. Your financial history won’t be […]

Want To Get Approved? Start Here

Anyone can now apply for a credit card by simply entering their information into an online form and clicking “Submit”. Getting approved for a credit card, however, requires some planning that starts long before you apply. Know your credit score One of the most important factors is your credit score. There might be some slight differences […]